Er’body Ain’t for Er’body

  There's a great chance that I'm not the right trainer for you! I know that sounds foreign to hear from a self employed personal trainer, one whom has to make a living from one client to the next. However, I am unafraid to be candid and admit that I'm just not for everyone. Personal … Continue reading Er’body Ain’t for Er’body


Worth Every Penny

  I've learned that no one will value you more than you value yourself. There's no greater representation of that than being self employed. One of my greatest challenges is maintaining my professionalism and my poker face when someone tries to imply directly or indirectly that my service or product isn't worth my asking price. … Continue reading Worth Every Penny

Some days, being an entrepreneur just sucks. It's rough as hell. The ups and downs of the lifestyle are sometimes more than what you asked for.  You pour your life into something your passion, turn it into your brand, bottle up into a product for people who absolutely will never, ever...EVER value it as much … Continue reading

Trusting The Process

You here it all the time, "trust the process".   In competitive fitness, trusting the process is used and abused so much, but really, it can't be overstated because of the nature of our sport.  Fitness competing isn't something that you can see from miles away, especially as a novice, so you absolutely have to trust in what has been done.  Trusting the … Continue reading Trusting The Process

Oh, So you want to know what third place tastes like??.

You're tired of eating the same ole boring chicken, brown rice and asparagus. So what! Get over it. Now that you're over it. Get back to eating.  I hear it every day, that one of my clients is tired of eating the same things and when's the cheat meal coming. That attitude drives me nuts. … Continue reading Oh, So you want to know what third place tastes like??.

My Soap Box

Soooo, I finally get to say what I want to say,  unapologetically. Socially Impaired  is my alter-ego soap box and my journey through professional competition fitness, entrepreneurship & work-life balance. My goal is to inspire one, to motivate some and to emulate none. -LIVE YOUR LEGACY-